Investor guide

The investor guide is designed to learn everything about Portugrow project and its subsidiary.

This guide helps international investors navigate through the Portugrow project and operations in the European medicinal Cannabis marketplace.

You can consider this our public business plan, and if you have questions, we are here to help.

Portugrow was founded with the best interest of the medical patients in mind. It strives through proper cannabis cultivation practices to produce the highest quality medical flower to date in the EU.

Portugrow has carefully chosen an ideal cultivation area in the interior of Portugal in the valleys of the “Cova da Beira” region. It is known for great weather and humidity nestled against a mountain range. This region is in central Portugal and is close to the Spanish border making it an ideal transportation hub. It has the ongoing support from the municipality and will bring jobs to an area that is very welcoming. There is a long standing history of cultivation in this area.

The site features a facility that was once a storage facility for vegetables. Its size and capacity allows for Portugrow to grow according to market demand. It comes equipped with a strong roof and corked walls, making it the ideal starting point for EU-GMP certified medical cannabis cultivation.

Portugrow is now ready to upgrade its facility to EU-GMP standards. This upgrade and certification combined with its intricate organic cultivation practices allows Portugrow to produce consistent, high quality end user products for the EU medical market.

Cannabis products are allowed to be legally exported from Portugal to any country in the world that allows the importation of Cannabis products. Portugrow is dedicated to raising the valuation of the company to the highest level within the next 5 years.

The challenge

The medicinal cannabis market in Europe is facing two big challenges: High demand of cannabis-based products for medicinal purposes; Lack of quality and consistent products.

As of today, there is simply not enough quality medicinal cannabis supply to support market demand by EU patients. The use of medicinal cannabis products has been growing rapidly and most of the European countries don't have the capacity to meet the current demand.

Lack of quality and consistent products

Medicinal products are heavily regulated, and it takes time to restructure and rewrite the legislation. In many countries medical cannabis has been outlawed for decades. There are several laws, sub-laws, and guidelines that need to be amended in order to make the regulations clearer for all EU countries. Over time there is hope to decrease bureaucratic red tape within the EU and worldwide.

Our solution proposal

Through the support of the Portuguese regulators and government, the door has opened to pioneer the medical plant industry. The opportunity is tremendous to work towards fixing the issues that face the EU supply market. When supply is mediocre it creates issues in the supply chain.

Portugrow has the necessary skill, competence and production strategy in order to provide quality products to the marketplace. Portugrow’s wholesale partners, pharmacies and end user patients stand to benefit from their quality output.

Portugrow crowdfunding strategy is to leverage the internet in order to attract many small cannabis centric investors. Portugrows success will translate well into other emerging EU countries. This will help lobby other EU countries and regulatory agencies to legalize medicinal cannabis.

Invest in real plants

Portugrow is a legitimate business with all legalities in place. It plans to cultivate medicinal plants and provide transparency throughout the life cycle of each plant.

A medical plant is the core of the business. We grow each batch according to GACP standards from an indoor EU-GMP certified facility. The plants are carefully cultivated through each life stage, which includes harvesting and processing. We produce high-quality medicinal flowers through care and patience matched with the best genetics. Each plant is cared for throughout its life cycle to ensure health and high quality.

Through a crowdfunding campaign, Portugrow offers an opportunity for the average person to join the company and participate in Portuguese medicinal plant cultivation. Portugrow will execute and create ideal cultivation conditions for its investors. Together, everyone can benefit and watch Portugrow grow the highest quality medicinal plants in the EU.

Currently, Portugrow is preparing Stage 1 and 2, which will be in a format of Future Plants, allowing its investors to claim its position in the Portugrow project immediately for the long term.

In these initial stages, investors are investing in the space for Portugrow to cultivate. The first phase of investment money will be used accordingly to help launch Portugrow (see chart) Stage 1 and 2 are a lower cost per plant compared to later stages and both sides share a percentage of the returns on future plants.

Use of funds

Facility development

Develop the warehouse with the necessary conditions to have a state of the art indoor medicinal cannabis lab.

Cultivation equipment

All the equipment that enables us to cultivate such as lights, racks, pots, utensils and so on.

Operation expenses

Management expenses, employee salaries, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants.

Marketing, sales and partnerships

Expenses to market the final product, the products brand, social media content, videos and copy writing.


Company legal representative, transaction costs, contract management, terms and conditions, etc.