Portugrow and its operations

  • What is Portugrow?

    Portugrow is a medicinal cannabis company with an operation in Portugal. We open the opportunity to you to participate in the investment and the profits of Portugrow.

  • What is the relation of Portugrow and Green Jungle?

    Both companies are owned and managed by the same people, have a subsidiary agreement in place and have a Joint Venture collaboration with Able Canna. Portugrow OÜ is the crowdfunding company to partially finance Green Jungle and pay back to the plant owners, so they belong to the same group.

  • Is this a MLM or Ponzi scheme?

    Unlike MLM and Ponzi schemes, the participation in our project is finite and we clearly define the maximum number of plants we have. Also, and based on our business model, the payouts will be done using the net profit of our operation.

  • What kind of securities do you offer?

    We issue a binding contract to all our plant holders, stating the conditions for the affiliate program and the plants profit. We ensure contractually that we are developing the project and the funds will be used exclusively for it. In the unlikely scenario of gross negligence or mismanagement, we will be responsible to refund the invested amount. We invite you to read our Investment Terms.

  • What’s the major benefit to investing in Portugrow?

    We are disrupting the industry by working on a digital transformation, where in one portal you can manage your investments and check the progress of the project. Additionally you are supporting an emerging industry and you will have the chance to profit from it.

  • How many plants do you grow each year?

    We have a total capacity of between 40-70 thousand plants depending on the cultivation method we are using. For the first 2 stages, we are allocating 10,000 future plants.

  • Who buys the flowers once harvested?

    We sell the flowers to pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers that hold a narcotics and distribution licence for medicinal cannabis. This process is followed by the regulators of Portugal and the destination countries.

  • How can I become a cannabis patient?

    If you live in a country where medicinal cannabis is legal, you can just go to your doctor and talk about that possibility. We cannot supply directly to patients.

  • How do you get high THC plants?

    We work closely with a seed bank and a biotechnology center to have the best genetics. These genetics have been approved and certified in the countries in which we sell our products.

  • What are your cultivation methods?

    Our cultivation operation is indoors, so that we can control all the environment and the artificial atmospheric conditions. We use hydroponic systems for some rooms, and soil with organic fertilizers on other rooms. We are also making trials and experiments with other systems. Additionally, we use CO2 cycles to boost the flower growth.

  • Can I visit the cultivation site?

    As soon as the construction improvements are finalized, you will be able to schedule a visit through your dashboard. In the meantime, we will be sharing on our social media accounts all the progress and developments.

Buy/invest in plants

  • What kind of plants do you grow?

    We grow high medical grade cannabis flowers. They are high THC cultivars (strains) of Cannabis Sativa and Indica.

  • What are the requirements for investing in Portugrow?

    You must be older than 18 and you must live in a country that allows you to make investments in companies like this.

  • Where does my money go once invested?

    The money will be invested in our company Green Jungle in Portugal to invest in the development of the cultivation location for your plants.

  • Are there any limits to investing?

    You don’t have investment limits, but you can buy a maximum of 50 at a time. We recommend that you have good economic support in order to mitigate any risks.

  • Can I invest more than your available plants?

    Yes, for custom investment plans, you should contact us via support@portugrow.com.

  • When will be your first harvest?

    We are expecting to have the first harvest between the Q2 - Q3 2021.

  • What payments do you accept for investing?

    Initially we take SEPA bank transfers, Bitcoin and Ethereum. We are working to accept other payment methods.

  • What verification documents will you require from me?

    For verification purposes, we only need the email confirmation and the mobile phone SMS code by phone. For withdrawals we will require to comply with the KYC (Know Your Client) standards, so: a passport or an European ID card/driving licence and a proof of address - utility bill, bank or credit card statement or government issued documents.

Investment return

  • How do you pay me back?

    We repay you in 2 different ways: affiliates you get (up to 10% instantly when they buy plants or have profits from the harvests) and when we sell the harvest of your plants - we pay a percentage of the profit we had with your plant. The payouts are done via bank transfer.

  • Why can’t I withdraw my entire credit balance?

    Make sure that your current credit balance qualifies for the minimum withdrawal specified in your account under withdrawals. Otherwise, you cannot request withdrawals online.

  • What are the fees for withdrawal?

    Withdrawals from your balance are free. However your bank may charge a fee to receive the transfer.

Affiliate program

  • Do you have an affiliate program?

    Yes. As Portugrow is an invite only program, all our members will be affiliates and will be able to invite members. Just share your invite link that you can find in the dashboard.

  • Do I have to own plants to participate in the affiliate program?

    No, anyone can participate. Affiliates are never forced to buy plants.

  • Who can be my affiliate?

    Everyone is invited to be a member of Portugrow - you can invite friends, family, business partners among others.

  • When will I receive my affiliate commission?

    After your team member joins and buys a plant, you immediately get a commission on your balance. Then you can withdraw the funds or use it to buy a new plant.

  • What are affiliate levels?

    The first level are the members you invited. Second level are the members your first level invited. Third level are the members your second level invited.

  • Does the affiliate program affect the profits for plant investments?

    No. These funds are business-wise separated. The investment from the plants buying is used to invest in our facility, while the profit sharing comes from the plant sale and distribution to the pharmaceutical circuit.