Join Portugrow affiliate program and profit from referrals

Refer your network to Portugrow and earn up to 10% from every investment and plant profits. It's as simple as that!

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How does it work?


Simply signup and get access to your Portugrow dashboard and retrieve your unique referral link.


Share and promote the link with your network, social media, friends or partners.


When your team member invests, you get a commission up to the third level.

Why become an affiliate?

Our 3-Level affiliate program offers continuous streams of income.

Use your commissions to take part and buy your own plants.

Build a passive income while sharing our awesome project.

3-Level commissions


Level 1


Level 2


Level 3

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I have to own plants to participate in the affiliate program?

    No, anyone can participate. Affiliates are never forced to buy plants.

  • Who can be my affiliate?

    Everyone is invited to be a member of Portugrow - you can invite friends, family, business partners among others.

  • When will I receive my affiliate commission?

    After your team member joins and buys a plant, you immediately get a commission on your balance. Then you can withdraw the funds or use it to buy a new plant.

  • What are affiliate levels?

    The first level are the members you invited. Second level are the members your first level invited. Third level are the members your second level invited.

  • Does the affiliate program affect the profits for plant investments?

    No. These funds are business-wise separated. The investment from the plants buying is used to invest in our facility, while the profit sharing comes from the plant sale and distribution to the pharmaceutical circuit.

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